Planning & Zoning Ordinance and Permit Applications

The Comprehensive Development Ordiance are the rules and regulations for construction in Chesapeake City.
*Article Index
*Articles 1 thru 3
1.  General Provisions
2. Administration and Enforcement
3. Development Plan Approvals
*Articles 4 thru 7
4. Zoning Districts and Allowable Uses
5. Dimensional Requirements and Standards for Lots
6. Site and Building Design Standards
7. Community Design Standars
*Articles 8 & 9
8. Critical Area Regulations
9. Terms and Definitions
Architectural Design Standards are for New Construction Buildings.
Applications for the Historic Commission is listed below for those building permits that are required in South Chesapeake City Historic District Approval. 
Please read the applications carefully and call Town Hall at 410-885-5298 if you have any questions.


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Native Tree & Shrub list.pdf78.67 KB
Comprehensive Development Ordinance Article Index.pdf68.11 KB
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Articles 4, 5, 6 & 7 Comp Dev Ord.pdf3.21 MB
Articles 8 & 9 Comp Dev Ord.pdf3.28 MB
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